As a client of ERG, you can expect above average representation in any transaction from a quaint condo unit to sprawling estate and everything in between. You will rest assured knowing that not only your Broker, but our entire office is working to assist you for a smooth and skilled transaction.

There is a revolving door at Real Estate firms these days. Agents and Brokers alike are moving back and forth almost monthly at such offices like REX, Redfin, or a multi-level, marketing platform office such as EXP where the primary focus is agents recruiting agents to build their own down-line of revenue streams, then its back again to another franchise. Why? Because they are all trying to find their way back in today’s every changing confusing market, and its technology while trying to lessen their workload, straying away from personalized service and accountability, leaving clients all alone to navigate the difficult and in-depth task of a Real Estate transaction on their own, with a discount brokerage comes a discounted level of service.

At ERG we remain steadfast and trustworthy and understand the value of holding our client’s hands while going the extra mile 24-7. Transactions today are more complex than ever, negotiating is ongoing as people watch what they spend when purchasing and their net when selling. Don’t be fooled that you can buy a home online with a few clicks and save thousands while doing so.

How is a ERG similar to a large real estate company?

In an age of technology where bigger is often better and instant gratification is expected, ERG is using all the advanced technology that large firms are using.

  • Boutique Firms such as ERG offer the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) representation as larger companies. Meaning, all companies have the same access level to the same properties whether representing a buyer or a seller. We are also utilizing new technology reaching beyond the MLS.
  • Online marketing offerings at larger companies and boutique firms are equal. Your property will be represented on major home buying and selling sites like,, Zillow and Trulia and many others.
  • Large Real Estate companies have high quality marketing products, just like a boutique firm. Boutique firms are able to specialize their marketing even more than larger firms. At ERG we focus on your marketing solely as a client not cookie cutter cut and paste campaigns.

So, why ERG ?

  •  Extensive experience in all areas of Real Estate
  •  We are a boutique firm, our entire team works for you
  •  We utilize state of the art technology
  •  In-house marketing, for more personalized campaigns
  •  Access to off-market Properties
  •  Around-the-clock-client support from start to completion
  •  Strategic & savvy negotiating skills
  •  We are not a revolving door of agents coming and going simply trying to lessen our workload
  •  Ability to assist in minor to major repairs, renovations or staging to maximize your value
  •  We do not stray from personalized service, accountability and real customer service

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