Moving can be stressful no matter who you are. Not only do
we cherish our stuff we have accumulated and want it transported safely
to our new home, we want the whole process to go a smoothly as
possible. That said there are many variables that are just beyond your
control when packing up your home for the final time. On the other hand
there some fairly idiot proof rules you can follow to take a few worries
off your plate an allow you to manage your time properly. Moving is
hard, but doesn’t need to be made any harder that it has to be.

The Top Five Rules For An Idiot Proof Move

1. Planning:

As we said before moving is made trickier by unforeseen events that
get in the way. You can’t avoid the unexpected, but you can remain in
control by handling everything else you can possibly plan for. Create a
detailed schedule months before the move with milestones and dates. Try
to be done a few days before moving so you can handle other things
rather than packing things up as the truck arrives. Buy more Moving Supplies
than you need since most moving and storage companies will buy back
unused boxes from you. Draw up a floor plan in advance where you want
each room specific box and item to go into. This makes unpacking a
cinch! Try to pack one box for each room that has only the most
necessary stuff (IE: 1 Kitchen box with one pan, 1 pot, plates, cups,
eating and cooking utensils , potholders and favorite condiments.)
Always have a back up plan and other options in case of emergencies with
help, movers, cleaning companies, locksmiths and truck rentals.

2. The Little Things That Kill:

How many times at work has someone said “I got it” only to come up
empty later on and leaving you holding the bag? You are the boss of your
moving day so manage it accordingly and don’t leave anything to chance.
Supervise the Movers personally on the big day if you can and
actually help them do the job. They will take cues from you on how to
handle your belongings to be mindful. Make sure you have printed
directions for every stop and trip of the move. Handle payment and
tipping personally or through a person designated to handle it for you.
Have emergency contact numbers for truck companies, movers and anybody
else related to the success of the job. It can’t hurt to be mindful of
the temperature and plan for breaks with refreshments.

3. Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

Financial adviser Suze Orman is fond of saying if you haven’t used
something in the last year and your not going to use it in the next,
toss it out. She is 100% correct! We humans are creatures of habit and
some of us are hoarders by nature. Moving is a great time to evaluate
what stuff you really want to keep and what stuff to toss out. It is
actually freeing to get rid of old stuff and can be very cathartic for
you. Another great thing to do is donate the stuff you are
getting rid of to The Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any charitable
agencies you know of. You’ll be doing yourself and someone else a world
of good.

4. Take Out The Trash:

Often overlooked in the moving process is the stuff you are not
keeping and cannot donate. You need to make time to appropriately get
rid of excessive trash, old furniture or that old CRT monitor you never
dumped. Many municipalities have rules against excessive dumping and
since you are likely forwarding your mail to your new home, you will be
fined. Heavily. Planning this in advance also makes dumping at
authorized site a reality (most of them frown on walk-ins) and you can
get a handle on acceptable drop off times and fees.

5. What Is “Move-Out Condition”

Moving is exhausting and a pain in the ass all the way around.
However, there is nothing cool about leaving a mess for the new tenants
coming in after you to clean up. Just as you do not want to move into a
dirty house yourself, neither do the new tenants taking your place. Most
people expect to do a little cleaning when they move in: light
sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, stove, fridge and bathroom. It is in our
nature to make the new place feel more like ours. Moving is dirty work
and you should not leave a filthy house for someone else to find. It’s
rude and surely leads to bad karma. Enlist a friend if you will be too
busy to do it before leaving or tired to to it yourself. Plus if you are
a renter, landlords will use a filthy home on movign day as an excuse
to keep your deposit.